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86cm Megaloon Numbers with 2 Bunch of 5 Helium Balloons Bouquet

86cm Megaloon Numbers with 2 Bunch of 5 Helium Balloons Bouquet

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Product Description

2 x 86cm Birthday Megaloon Number Foil Helium Balloons with 2 x 5 Helium Balloons Bouquet Includes;

  • 2 x 86cm Supershape Number foil balloons
  • 2 x 5 Helium Balloons Bouquet
  • foil balloon weights
  • Hi-Float Included in all Latex Balloons

Select your desired milestone any 2 birthday numbers, such as "16", "18", "21", "25", "30", "40", "50", "60", "70", "80", "90", or any other significant number.

This bouquet is custom-made for each order. Preorder is necessary.

  • Suitable for both floor and table arrangements.
  • Order can be placed a day in advance.
  • The balloons can last for 3-4 days, depending on the environment in which you keep them.
  • Ideal for indoor use only; outdoor use not recommended.

Order online now and complete the form with all necessary information. Our excellent customer support team will quickly confirm your order.

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* Balloon colors are subject to availability. If a specific color is out of stock or unavailable, it will be replaced with another color within the existing color scheme.

(Please be aware that the colors of the balloons may vary slightly from what is shown on your screen due to individual computer screen settings.)

Balloon Care: Foil balloons filled with helium are sensitive to temperature fluctuations. When exposed to cold temperatures, they may appear deflated, but warming them up should cause them to expand again. However, caution should be taken as extreme heat can cause the helium to expand and potentially burst the foil balloon.

Environmental Care: Latex balloons filled with helium should always be securely tied to a balloon weight to prevent them from accidentally releasing into the air. It is important to never release foil balloons into the air.

Warning: Please always supervise children when using balloons, as uninflated or damaged balloons can pose a choking hazard. Keep uninflated balloons away from children and discard ruptured balloons immediately. Properly dispose of latex balloons, as they are made of 100% natural rubber latex and may cause allergic reactions. Remember to exercise caution and responsibility when handling balloons.